Two Islands Kitchen, Just Like at the Restaurant !

Two Islands Kitchen, Just Like at the Restaurant !

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Two Islands Kitchen 1

Romain: Two Islands Kitchen, Just Like at the Restaurant !

The concept: two workspaces mirror each other in perfect symmetry. This positioning allows for the mister to cook up a meal on one side and for the missus to prepare a cake on the other, while the guests have a chat at the first counter.

When an open concept kitchen is big enough, a cooking area with two separate workplaces is possible. This ingenious installation circumvents the restrictions created by the doors and large windows while maximizing the use of the central space. It is also crucial to respect the ergonomic triangle by placing the fridge, the sink and the cooktop at the three corners of an imaginary triangle, without any obstacles in order to avoid unnecessary steps.

In this setting enhanced with shaker style cherry wood cabinets, there is no excuse for not getting your hands dirty! The goal was to create a real modern kitchen: bright, spacious, and practical down to the smallest detail. The larger items like the fridge, pantry and oven are built-in to two proportional storage areas.

In the end, the result was the perfect dream kitchen for every chef at heart.

Two Islands Kitchen 2

Two Islands Kitchen 3

Two Islands Kitchen 4

Two Islands Kitchen 5

Two Islands Kitchen 6

Two Islands Kitchen 7

Two Islands Kitchen 8

Two Islands Kitchen 9

Two Islands Kitchen 10

Two Islands Kitchen 11

Two Islands Kitchen 12

Two Islands Kitchen 13

Materials used for this project: 

  • Hardware and accessories
  • Quartz countertop
  • Wood cabinets
  • Wood countertop

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