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Think Cosmopolitan has become a destination for guests and fans around the country. We've been blown away by the amount of people flocking to our store in Los Angeles, California!


Because of the amount of people coming to our store, we figured we should give you a few tips for how to get the most out of your visit.


  1. Come early or come late. Our store is busiest during the hours around lunch; particularly on Saturdays, when we see hundreds of people come through our doors. We suggest coming near opening or closing hours to have the most peaceful shopping experience.
  2. Make plans to eat at Think Cosmopolitan. Our food are the best in Los Angeles; whether you want a burger, a sandwich, a salad, a gourmet grilled cheese, coffee, juice, or a pizza...we've got you covered. We think that the best visit to Think Cosmopolitan isn't just about shopping- it includes sunshine, friends, family, and food.
  3. Talk to us. We pride ourselves in having the friendliest, most warm-hearted staff. They'd love to help you find anything you're looking for, hear your story, or even share about their own experience living in the greatest city in California (Los Angeles, of course).
  4. Park for free. Even on the busiest day, there is no need to pay for parking! First, we have a free parking lot that's connected to our locations. Second, there's plenty of street parking in the area. And third, take the local bus or metro! To find out all about the local bus and metro, click here. And one more note: please respect our neighboring businesses by not using their parking lots to come to our store.
  5. Have fun with your family & friends. Romain's vision for the Stores and Restaurants was that they would become a gathering place for community. A place to slow down, to turn your phone off, and to connect with people. We've found that those who come ready to unplug and enjoy time with loved ones have the most enjoyable experience.


Please note: During Spring and Summer, California heats up fast. Please prepare for your trip to Think Cosmopolitan by bringing plenty of water, staying hydrated throughout your entire visit, and wearing sunscreen.



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