National Pets Day April 11th 2018 !

National Pets Day April 11th 2018 !

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National Pets Day April 11th 2018 ! 


Since I was born I always been close to my fellow friends or should I say family members, I grew up with Dogs, Cats, Fishes, Hamsters, Birds.

I was so close to them that I always wanted to be a veterinary until realizing that I was not made for it, it involve too much sadness, I love animals too much.

There is some part of being a veterinary that I really didn’t like, and I believe that, I would have not been able to take these responsibilities.

One thing that I always been thinking of was to create an association that would have been dedicated to help, protect, and teach people that animals are more than object that you purchase, if you think of animals as a toy for Christmas or a cute present that don’t involve much, then you better stay away from them. I would like to remind you that we are Humans animals as well, and you should treat animals as if they were your own kids, nothing less!

April 11 is National Pet Day. While loving our pets is something we do every day, National Pet Day encourages us to pay special attention to pets who may not get that extra attention. Helping out orphaned pet companions will improve their health and improve their opportunities for adoption.

Sometimes their human companions aren’t well. Making sure their forever furry friends are receiving the best of care will help relieve stress and worry.


Take supplies to those pets in shelters. Help a friend with pets who is recovering from an illness. Adopt a pet. Use #NationalPetDay on social media.


Founded by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige in 2005 and sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation & Network, more information on National Pet Day can be found at



Share your thoughts, help ideas and anything you would like see change in our society regarding Animals with us!

We would also love to have you share pictures and comments of your beloved Animal.


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