Romain Dubus’s Vision Unveiled

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Embark on a visionary journey with Romain Dubus as he unfolds his Master Plan encompassing sustainable energy, revolutionary housing, and the exploration of life on Mars and beyond. Discover the meticulous steps taken by Think Cosmopolitan to turn this ambitious vision into a groundbreaking reality..


Think Cosmopolitan Master Plan, Part 1

From Concept to Mainstream: 

Romain Dubus, armed with knowledge, experience, and a relentless drive to challenge the norm, laid the foundation for his vision. Establishing Romain Dubus Corporation and Makyun Corporation in 2013, he later fused them into Think Cosmopolitan, Inc. in 2016, and expanded to Think Cosmopolitan Japan in 2021. The Master Plan unfolds as follows:

  1. Build a Sustainable Hotel: Launching the first Martian lifelike design, generating revenue for future projects.
  2. Advance Individualized Housing: Utilize earnings to construct more advanced, personalized housing projects with innovative technologies.
  3. Mars Habitat and Life Support: Channel funds to establish the first human habitat on Mars and develop basic life support.
  4. High-Volume, Affordable Mars-Type Housing on Earth: Create a more advanced, cost-effective, high-volume Mars-type housing on Earth.
  5. Ongoing Technological Development: Allocate revenue to continuous research, fostering technological innovations for Mars colonization.

    "Think Cosmopolitan's strategy is to enter the high-end market, driving down prices with each successive model," declares Dubus on the Think Cosmopolitan blog.


    1. Create a High-Volume, Public Housing

    The Think Cosmopolitan Hotel:
    Embarking on its conceptual journey in 2017, the Think Cosmopolitan Hotel envisions a modern Mars-like design that challenges conventional perceptions. Though not physically realized yet, the concept aims to redefine public spaces, offering a glimpse into the distinctive lifestyle associated with life on Mars. Anticipating to generate $20,000,000.00 within the first 6 months, the hotel plays a pivotal role in funding the development of individualized housing and serves as the catalyst for kickstarting the comprehensive Master Plan.


    2. Develop Low-Volume, Luxury Housing

    Individual Model Housing - Setting Luxury Standards: 
    Introducing a first-generation luxury Mars-type housing at a higher price point, with cutting-edge technologies. Satellite-connected, with upgrade and lifetime software update plans, this model sets new standards for autonomous living.


    3. Create Medium-Volume, Affordable Housing

    Individual Model Housing - Setting Mars Housing Standards: 
    Launching a second-generation luxury Mars-type housing at a lower price point, including the first home robot for everyone, this model aims to be a top-selling autonomous housing globally.


    4. Building the First Mars Habitat

    Mars first base

    Aspirations for Mars Exploration:
    Initiating cargo missions to Mars to establish power, mining, and life support infrastructure. Subsequent missions with cargo and crew will commence building the first Mars base, paving the way for a self-sustaining civilization.


    5. Develop Affordable, High-Volume Housing

    The 3rd Mars Type Model - Mass-Market Adoption: 
    Think Cosmopolitan targets a high-volume housing model with a low price point, slated to begin production in the late-2020s. This affordable model, starting at $200,000, aims to facilitate mass migration to Mars and fund further developments.


    Romain's Perspective:

    Addressing the long-term vision, Dubus emphasizes Think Cosmopolitan's commitment to a broad range of Mars-type housing. The initial focus on high-end markets is crucial for driving down costs and making sustainable living accessible to all. Profits from each housing model contribute to research and development for the next, ensuring a sustainable progression.

    In addressing environmental concerns, Dubus reassures about responsible disposal of batteries and emphasizes greywater recycling, aligning with Think Cosmopolitan's commitment to sustainable living.

    Becoming Energy Positive:

    Think Cosmopolitan will co-market sustainable energy products alongside housing, offering options like modestly priced solar panels for a holistic, eco-friendly lifestyle.

    In essence, Think Cosmopolitan's master plan is a strategic progression from luxury to affordability, driving advancements in sustainable living on both Earth and Mars. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where every purchase is a step towards a more sustainable and exciting future.

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