Chateau Brumare

Established in 2007 by Romain Dubus, Think Cosmopolitan France was designed to be one thing, an architecture firm. The focus of the firm would be to collaborate with its clients to produce a combined vision that utilizes the most of the opportunity. The firm specializes in timeless architecture based on historic precedence and unique design solutions.

A singularly focused business is a simple goal to create, but with the added incorporation of a firm with ethics, originality, creativity and excellent service, it became much. Think Cosmopolitan France is a focal point to the process of design, construction, and hub to all the spokes of the process. The firm has since completed over 20 projects, ranging from small residential remodels to complex estates, as well as stores front.

The primary emphasis is high-end commercial & residential projects, focusing on specialty design challenges for retail, ecclesiastical, and residential clients. The firm has been located in Rouen, France, making a point of being a part of the community and visible with-in it. "I am an adept at customizing my services to meet my clients’ specific needs".

Think Cosmopolitan France is a single professional individual working to pioneer a solution for your individual need. The design studio makes the most of the special talents and expertise in order to produce the highest level of original works. Romain Dubus is passionate about Architecture and the clients that allow him the honor to collaborate.

Romain Dubus, Architect, 
CAD Specialist, Builder

Romain Dubus is from Normandy, France.
He earned an Architecture degree as well as a Civil Genius degree from Le Corbusier University at Rouen, France. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, CA to study, he worked in France on high-end residential and commercial projects. His experience also includes working hands on in the construction field for several years, this opportunity is where Romain obtained the knowledge of how buildings come together structurally. He gained practical experience while working with his father, interior designer, landscape designer, and Renovator for the French Historic Monuments.

For over twenty years Romain has been building and renovating houses in France, USA and Japan for customers as well as personal, he currently have eight personal project ongoing, and three others for local Japanese customer.

Romain’s passion is space exploration and architecture and he is also your primary contact, his diplomacy and communication skills provide personalized service to whoever is in the market to purchase a "Fixer" or to build a brand new house in France or Japan.